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There’s no better way to tell you how satisfied our clients are than to let them tell you themselves...

Christopher Yard 

“Going through the process of getting confirmed 2 years ago. I noticed a gentleman as I sat in the court room on three separate occasions that stood out. I did not know what to expect due to the fact I had never been through a Bankruptcy before. This guy was really good... I thought, the relationship he had with the Judge and Trustee was unbelievable and impressive. Please keep in mind that Brian Shockley would not know me even if he saw me. It makes me feel good to know Clark & Washington has Associates like Brian Shockley. Thank You Brian...”

Tom Kelly

"I was in distress and didn't know what to do when I suddenly just picked up the phone book and thumbed in the yellow pages and contacted your firm. I was misrepresented by a _______ in my HYPERLINK "" chapter 7 case and needed information. Your firm went beyond the call of duty and gave me all the help I needed with sincere and patience without charge. So it's still true today that sometimes it's not all about the money. I will highly recommend your firm to any one needing. Warmest Thanks to Your Law Firm and to Mr. Gus."

Debbie Baldwin

"Dear Mr. Whitner,

Thank you so very much for your concern for me and for your exceptional kindness, patience and professionalism during my initial visit."

Filing a Chapter 7 is a most difficult situation. You made it easier to bear. If all of the folks associated with Clark & Washington are as nice as you are and deal so well with the public, you have a truly exceptional organization!

Again, thank you for helping me.
Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

"For the second time in two years, the law firm of Clark and Washington has made an extraordinary gesture to suppor the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation."
Clients frequently deek AVLF's help with the filing of HYPERLINK "" Chapter 7 bankrupticies. Unfortunately, it is harder to find volunteer attorneys for these cases than any other substantive area. Last year, as the AVLF bankruptcy backlog reached 15 cases, Emory Clark agreed that his firm would take EVERY unplaced case."
Constance Harris

"You have a wonderful and kind employee that is always willing to help me in my time of need. Thank you for your help."
Kanya Vashon McGhee

"I recently received notice that the HYPERLINK "" Chapter 7 proceedings are completed. In the words of Rev. Martin Luther King, 'Free at Last - Free at Last! Thank God almighty (and Michael Rethinger-attorney!) I'm Free at Last!'"
Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

"You (Emory Clark) are among those that we have identified as our 'Top 50,' a group of lawyers and paralegals whose consistent and superior pro bono work, and support of AVLF, merit special recognition."
Cindy S. Smith

"I wanted to thank you again for helping Mr. Evans yesterday evening. He called me around 7:30 pm yesterday on his way home, and I could hear the relief in his voice.

After working with Mr. Evans for several days and being unsuccessful in negotiating an agreement with the foreclosing lender, he was down to his last option - bankruptcy. He called me at 3:50 pm yesterday and was despondent - feeling worthless - wondering how he would explain to his children that they didn't have a house anymore. You may hear these stories often, but I can assure you that I do not.

I had slept with him on my mind for several nights and was distressed that he now faced the likelihood of losing his house - where his memories of his late daughter were. I called every bankruptcy lawyer I knew, got referrals from them, and just kept calling. I called Sue Dunning in Gallatin and she gave me your name. I had called more than 10 lawyers before calling you - none of whom thought they could perform the magic you performed in the time allotted. Mr. Evans and I had both been told on numerous occasions that the filing could not be performed within the time allowed and that an upfront filing fee would be required. So, I was shocked when you indicated that neither of these barriers was a problem. (You should know that you were the only woman lawyer on my list, and my experience is that women generally are "can-do" people.) My practice is in real estate, probate, and business formations, so I knew I was not qualified to help Mr. Evans through bankruptcy.

You were wonderful, and I truly believe the attitude and compassion that you exhibited are what makes a great lawyer. Again, thank you for helping Mr. Evans and his family. I think we all slept better last night."

"Thanks for all of your help on Wednesday afternoon. Completing the
budget for my husbands buisness as well as personal was totally freaking
me out. Your professionalism and customer service made the process much

Thanks again and have a great weekend!"

Thank you ever so much for this. I totally appreciate all you have done to help me. It was wonderful to make your acquaintance, albeit under trying circumstances. Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you.

Thanks again, K. Hummel

Gus... i met with David again today, finished the chap 7 and am filing today... not what i wanted to do.. but.. at some point you have to take the approach that something must be done and take ownership of it... just can't dig a hole and stick your head in forever ..though God knows i tried.. thanks again for your help.. i really liked working with David Singha... i felt that i was in good hands.. ( i interviewed 4 other attorneys before i came to this point.. none of them made me feel like that. ) .... deb..

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Chapter 13


To Start - Total filing fee is $310 and must be paid within 60 days.

Chapter 7


Filing Fee to Start. Installment Plans Available

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